Dear Riesling wine lover!

Actually, the FRANZ DAHM WINERY is a rather young estate winery consisting of old inherited vineyard property and further, additionally bought and leased plots of land.

We strive to produce long-lasting, typical Moselle Riesling wines. The wines are made to reflect all the typical characteristics of their vintage. The sun caught inside, the rain and all other kinds of weather, but also the “terroir”, the soil where the old vines grow, are found again in a glass of our wine.

For the most part, original Riesling vines with their authentical roots are cultivated in our vineyards. 

The result are grapes with small berries producing relatively small amounts in quantity, however, concentrated and fruity wines.

Which means that it is a must not to cultivate against, but hand in hand with nature.

This is why grass has been growing on our old vineyard soils since 1978; thus, we have avoided monoculture, even if almost all of the “Wingerten” (=vineyards) are situated on steep slopes. 

Weathered soils of Devon slate, and loose, stony soils, giving a slightly steely, mineral taste to some wines, form the basis, the “terroir”.

The weeds are not destroyed by pesticides, but cut instead, or, if necessary, removed by hoeing and dug back into the soil. No artificial fertilizers are used whatsoever.

In most cases, we carry on with the traditional single pole cultivation typical of the Moselle region. 

Apart from the application of pesticides, cultivation is purely manual work.

After hand-harvesting and careful pressing, the elaboration is done predominantly, and out of consideration for the character of the developing wine, in wooden barrels.

The almost legendary acidity typical of the Moselle region, but also fine fruit, profound full power of sweetness, all that can be found in our wines.

The original Riesling from the Moselle Region

The number of our vineyards is steadily increasing; on the one hand, because we are buying good plots of land, on the other hand, because we are striving to take over vineyards which seem to “be left fallow”, in order to counteract such unpleasant contemporary phenomenon resulting in such a big impairment of our cultivated lands. There, we are supported by our goats which we put out in the summer to such abandoned vineyards, called “Drieschen”, or “plackije Wingerte” here in our parts, so that they will slow down rampant growth by “taking hearty bites”.

Various wine guides, e.g. the Gault Millau, Weingourmet – Feinschmecker, Mondo, wein-plus or Alles-über-Wein (=All-About-Wine) are full of praise for our wines. 

Meanwhile we export our wines to several countries in Europe and America.

Convince yourself!